The University of New South Wales Kendo Club

UNSW Kendo Club is part of the growing sport of kendo in the Sydney area. We are a club that prides itself on honour and fairness and are always on the look out for new recruits. If you would like to know more please Contact Us.

Hi everyone!

I would like to congratulate the NSW State kendo squad on the magnificent showing at the 41st Australian Kendo Championships on the 26-27th March 2016.
The results of the competition is as follows (taken from NSWKA):
Individual categories
Men's Kyu Individuals: 2nd- Chris Chon, 3rd- Michael Xu
Women's Kyu Individuals: 1st- Bernadette Baduria, 2nd- Zeinab Khalife, 3rd- Gloria Mah
Men's Dan Individuals: 1st- Jayson Chaplin, 3rd- Kelvin Tran
Women's Dan Individuals: 1st- Jenny Song, 3rd- Vivian Yung

Team categories
Men's Kyu team: 1st- NSW
women's Kyu team: 1st- NSW
Men's Dan team: 1st- NSW
Women's Dan team: 1st- NSW1; 2nd: NSW2
Kata team: 3rd- NSW

Fighting spirit award: Elena Meshcheriakova

Congratulations to the members of our club who played an integral part in the NSW squad's success!
Men's Kyu Team: Yuto Yoshioka
Men's Dan Team: Duy Pham
Women's Dan Team: Julie Feng, Bonnie Lai
Hi everyone!
The beginners course for 2016 semester 1 is now closed!
If you have already registered, we look forward to meeting you!
The next course will run in August this year, with dates TBC.
Hi everyone! Due to maintenance in the dojo , we'll be training at temporary locations from Monday 8th - Sunday 28th February.
Listed below are the locations we'll be training at.

Mon 8th Feb
squash court 8: 7:30pm-10pm
squash court 7: 8:30pm-10pm
Wed 10th Feb
Sports Hall court 1,2,3 (left side of the two basketball court)

Mon 15th & 22nd Feb + Wed 17th & 24th
squash court 7&8 : 7:30pm-10pm

Fridays will be at Webster from 7:00pm as per usual
EDIT: Training on Friday 12th February will be held in room 334 instead of room 335.
Hi everyone!
Please know that starting from this week (yes this week), the Thursday training will be moved to Friday instead going from 7pm-10pm.
The exact location is still being discussed so please check this page again in the next few days.

Update: The room is 335 at Webster building!
Congratulations to our successful Dan grade applicants!
Please welcome our newly graded members!
1st Dan
Jon Ken Chen

3rd Dan
Julie Feng
Congratulations to the successful grading applicants from the University of Sydney Kyu grading!
Please welcome our newly graded members!
6th Kyu
Philip Liam Stephenson
Weicheng Guan
Haozhe Deng

5th Kyu
Kathy Fan

3rd Kyu
Yuto Yoshioka
Sara Kato
Kevin Le
Christopher Han

2nd Kyu
Jason Chan
Angela Leung

1st Kyu
Kevin Pek
Are you looking to learn a martial art? Never done Kendo before? Registrations for our popular beginners course starting Wednesday August 12, 2015 are open! Please visit our registration page HOW TO JOIN.
Registrations are now closed! Please look forward to the next beginners course starting in early March 2016!
YMCA are investigating/repairing the floors of our dojo next week. In order to facilitate repairs, our dojo will be closed Thursday 18th of June . Training is still on: Monday June 15th & Wednesday June 17th and will resume Monday June 22nd as per regular schedule. See you in the dojo!
Registrations for our popular beginners course starting Wednesday August 12, 2015 are open! Please visit our registration page HOW TO JOIN.
Congratulations to the recent group of beginners completing the UNSW Kendo Beginners Course! Apologies to those who have been patiently awaiting a follow-up email. There has been a glitch in the system and not all names were included on the email list. f you enjoyed our beginners class and would like to continue, you are absolutely most welcome to join in tonight (Monday 27/4). Training starts at 7:30pm-9:30pm. See you tonight?