Grading is coming up in August. If you are planning on getting graded,
you need to be a member of the NSW Kendo Association. This is seperate
from UNSW Kendo Club, and other benefits include:

* Eligible to participate in competitions organised by AKR/NSWKA’s affiliated clubs.
* Eligible to participate in state training sessions (incl. state squad training and seminars)

Membership registrations and renewels for UNSW are due by the end of this month (June). You have the option of paying the fee, filling in the form and
submitting to any club executive – Gideon (Guv), Sussan, Cecilija, or
Dino. Another option is in the training fee deal introduced last

Training Fee Deal: $300 for a year’s worth of training at
UNSW. This will cover you for the 06-07 financial year AND also
includes the NSWKA membership fees for the same year. This payment is
also due by the end of the month, so if you are keen to make use of
this deal, I suggest you sort it out ASAP.