Congratulations to those who UNSW participated in the Australian University Games (October 1st). The UNSW team was comprised of UNSW students and those from different kendo/kumdo clubs:

Helen Yuan – UNSWKC

Grace Lim – USYDKC

Daseul Chun – DHMDK

Walter Chung – USYDKC

Michal Liu – UNSWKC

Hamish Barney – UNSWKC

The results from the competition can be viewed here

Congratulations to everyone who successfully passed their grading at Founders Cup.

3rd Dan
Jackson Yoon

2nd Dan
Natalia Laban

2nd Kyu
Thao Hoang

3rd Kyu
David Wang

4th Kyu
Hamish Barney
Danny Chee
Yuan-Tung Chen
Albert Wong

5th Kyu
David Ma

6th Kyu
Victor Del Prado
Toby Lee
Marios Panayi
Edwin Taslim

Founder’s Cup 2008:
The 2008 Founders’ Cup will be hosted by the USYD Kendo Club on the 2nd and 3rd of August
at H.K. Ward Gymnasium, Grose Farm Lane, University of Sydney, Camperdown.

For more information, registration, & grading forms visit the NSW KA