Commendations are due for all our kendoka who did a superb job at the UNSW state champs! Results included:

– Dan Individuals: 1st and 3rd place
– Kyu Individuals: 2nd and two equal 3rd places
– The Fighting Spirit Award

Well done!

Good job UNSW kendo club members at the 16th DHMDK tournament – we came 3rd in the Dan individuals and 3rd in the Kyu individuals!

Congratulations to the UNSW team at the Unigames – UNSW ranked 1st overall. Results included:

Open Teams: 1st
Kyu Teams: 2nd
Dan Womens: 1st and 2nd
Women Kyu Individuals: 3rd
Green and gold medals: 2

Members of UNSW Kendo Club playing for other unis also won:
Dan Individuals: 1st
Kyu Individuals: 3rd

Great news from the Australian Team selection this weekend in Melbourne. Kirby Smith and Michael Henstock, both from UNSWKC have taken two of five Men’s Team slots for the 15th WKC!