Hi everyone!

I would like to congratulate the NSW State kendo squad on the magnificent showing at the 41st Australian Kendo Championships on the 26-27th March 2016.
The results of the competition is as follows (taken from NSWKA):
Individual categories
Men’s Kyu Individuals: 2nd- Chris Chon, 3rd- Michael Xu
Women’s Kyu Individuals: 1st- Bernadette Baduria, 2nd- Zeinab Khalife, 3rd- Gloria Mah
Men’s Dan Individuals: 1st- Jayson Chaplin, 3rd- Kelvin Tran
Women’s Dan Individuals: 1st- Jenny Song, 3rd- Vivian Yung

Team categories
Men’s Kyu team: 1st- NSW
women’s Kyu team: 1st- NSW
Men’s Dan team: 1st- NSW
Women’s Dan team: 1st- NSW1; 2nd: NSW2
Kata team: 3rd- NSW

Fighting spirit award: Elena Meshcheriakova

Congratulations to the members of our club who played an integral part in the NSW squad’s success!
Men’s Kyu Team: Yuto Yoshioka
Men’s Dan Team: Duy Pham
Women’s Dan Team: Julie Feng, Bonnie Lai