NSW November Grading 2020

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our members who graded last Friday! These last few months have been uncertain with COVID-19 and the change in our training facilities. However, last Friday we conducted our first Internal Grading for members attempting 6th-3rd Kyu. Special thanks to our senior members who helped make this happen: Duy (Grading Panel), Bonnie (Grading Panel), Julie (Grading Panel), Angela (Dojo Stewardess), Minh (Motodachi), Chong (Motodachi), Jay (Motodachi) and all the club members who came to support! 

6th Kyu:
Henry Black

4th Kyu:
Evan Landers (double graded)
Matthew Oh (triple graded)

3rd Kyu:
Andrew Gunawan 
Jenny Han (double graded)

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