NSW State Grading Result – 2023 Nov

Congratulations to all our members who passed the NSW state grading in Novmeber! Everyone did a great job! Special thanks to all the instructors and seniors who volunteered to help out at grading. A big congratulations to everyone! 

6th Kyu
Pengyu Li
Ziruo Zhu
Lara Goodman
Eric Qin
Daniel Santos
Tristan Downey
Mitchell Forbes
Nikolai Wochnowski
Kico Imai
Aden Du
Ricky Nguyen
5th Kyu
Sky Lam
4th Kyu
Kai Ngiam
Anny Qian
3rd Kyu
Cameron Chung
1st Kyu
Elsa Dai
Nicole Yuen
Leo Hoang
1st Dan
Ivan Song
2nd Dan
Jae Sung


UNSW Kendo Club 2021 AGM

UNSWKC’s 2021 AGM was held on 10 Sep 2021 via Zoom, where a new executive committee was elected. Let’s welcome the new exec team and shout out to the 2020-2021 committee for doing a great job throughout the challenging year!

NSW December Grading 2019

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our member with NSW December Grading last Saturday! We had all our members successfully pass! Special mention to our senior members who gave up their time and helped throughout the day; Duy, Bonnie, Julie, Angela and Minh!

6th Kyu
Evan Landers
Hiu Ming Lau
Claire Sung

5th Kyu
Vanessa Mo
Simone Gao (double graded)
Jenny Han (double graded)
Katie Tran (double graded)
Amber Wang (double graded)
Anna Wen (double graded)
Thomas Zhou (double graded)

4th Kyu
Jason Sung
Andrew Gunawan (double graded)
Jackie Liang (double graded)

3rd Kyu
Chong Yon Han
Jae Sung
James Tedy (triple graded)

2nd Kyu
Gordan Wang

1st Kyu
Lily Lui

3rd Dan
Kevin Pek

Congratulations everyone! 👏👏👏

New Executive Committee 2019-20

Last night Friday, 9th August 2019, we had our AGM where we voted for the next executive committee. Please welcome our new execs for 2019-2020!
President: James Tedy
Secretary: Katie Tran
Treasurer: Anna Wen
Armourer: Angela Leung
WH&S Officer: Gordon Wang
Social Director: Clio Liu
Webmaster/Media Officer: Claire Sung

17th WKC Result

TEAM AUSTRALIA obtained great achievements during the 17th WKC! Congratulations!

We are so proud of our club members, Duy, Julie and Bonnie. They present great spirit and good Kendo to the world!